Leave Management

Quadrant users now have access to a web based self-serve component called Quadrant Self Service that allows managers and employees to submit and manage leave requests online. One of the system's key features is its ability to automatically adjust schedules and payroll to take approved leave requests into account.

When a scheduled employee's leave request is approved, the leave affects the employee's schedule, triggering the process of updating the employee's availability, booking the employee off any shifts, and creating timecards appropriate to the employee's leave.

For non-scheduled employees (whether this occurs in a scheduling or non-scheduling environment), when an employee's leave request is approved, the information is stored until timecards are generated for the pay period in which the leave occurs.

The Leave Management system must interact with scheduling and/or payroll so that the schedule is correctly updated to reflect leaves or cancelled leaves, and so that employees are correctly paid for leaves and shifts worked. For Leave Requests to impact scheduling and timecards, a client must be live with Quadrant Scheduling and Payroll (to impact scheduling and timecards) or Payroll (to impact timecards).

There are two components to the functionality—web pages visible throughout Quadrant Self Service that employees and managers see and use, and a Quadrant component where the leave types that are selected on the web are configured. This document is broken into two sections. The first section explains how leave types are configured in Quadrant. The second section shows how leave requests are submitted and managed on Quadrant Self Service.

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