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Self Scheduling

Self Scheduling enables employees to go online to partially create their own schedule. To do so, they must have a full employee record in Quadrant. You must also be live with Quadrant Scheduling, Payroll (to impact scheduling and timecards), and Leave Management. Creation of the default schedule, as well as all shift management, occurs in the regular Scheduling module and not in the Quadrant Self Service. Self Scheduling is not intended to replace the schedule templates that are created in the Scheduling component of Quadrant, and an employee cannot create a completely new schedule. Self Scheduling is for use with existing templated schedules, and allows employees to, for example, pick shifts that they may be called in to work as relief in addition to their regularly scheduled shifts. Although schedule templates are the best method for creating schedules for known, ongoing rotations, ad hoc schedules can also be created for Self Scheduling.

Shifts that will be created for picking by employees are the off-hours shifts, for example, shifts other than Monday to Friday, 8:30-4:30. Available shifts are the off-hour shifts that have not yet been selected by other employees.

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Creating Templates for Self Scheduling

Defining Self Scheduling Selection Cycles

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