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Editing Entries

Entries are time sensitive so that accessibility to certain fields in an entry will be limited the day after the entry takes effect. Entries also have the following priority rules:

Single day entries can only be edited up until the end of the day that they were created on. Fields in recurring entries can all be edited until the day after the entry starts. After that, the only field that you will be able to edit is its End Date. Note that all the fields except End Date are grayed out.

only edit date

If you need to change more than the End Date of a recurring entry that has already started, you need to close the entry and then add a new one with the configuration you need.

In This Section

To edit a current day entry

To close a recurring entry

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To edit a current day entry
  1. Click the bar of an entry on the calendar, and then click Edit Entry.

    first click

  2. Make your changes and then click Submit to save them.

    edit entry

To close a recurring entry
  1. Click the recurring entry that you want to close, and then click Edit Entry.

    close second click

  2. Click the End Date date selector, and then select the day before the current date. This will be the earliest selectable date on the calendar, as shown below.

    date selector

  3. Click Submit to save your entry.

    click submit

The calendar will now just show the historical entry record.

historical entry record