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Timecards for Scheduled Employees

For scheduled employees, timecards for approved leave requests are generated through the usual processing path. Approved shifts that occur on the schedule while an employee is on leave will be expanded to timecards order to pay an employee for their leave, according to the earning codes associated with the leave type/shift activity.

Clicking the Leave button opens the Employee Leave dialog which shows the leave days the employee has requested during the current pay period. If a block of days, for example for annual vacation, spills over into the next pay period, the overlap days are also shown.

employee leave dialog

If a leave request is approved after timecards have already been generated, the timecard will be flagged for review. A user can select and edit each record directly on the Timecard window, or they can click the Review button, opening the Review dialog which shows only those records flagged for review. When a leave is approved after timecards have already been generated, the timecard can be edited and the appropriate leave pay code assigned to the affected dates. If timecards flagged for review are not reviewed, a red light exception will be generated the next time payroll is processed.

Note! When the Leave button on the employee Time Card window is clicked, the Employee Leave dialog opens, showing the employee's leave requests. Access rights to the Leave button are applied at the Security Profile level.

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