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Leave Reporting

Report Tool contains an EE Leave Multipipeline that allows you to report on employee leave requests.

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To create a leave report

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To create a leave report
  1. Open the Report Tool.
  2. Click a report group that contains employee reports.
  3. Click Add, and then Report on the shortcut menu that appears.
    The Report dialog opens.
  4. Select Employee from the Report Type list box.
  5. Select EE Leave Multipipeline from the Data Source list box.
  6. Select EE Leave Multipipeline rpt from the Template list box.
  7. Type a readily identifiable name for the report in the Report Name box.
  8. Type a comment (optional).
  9. Click Save.
  10. Double-click the new report or click Open.
  11. Click the Filtering & Ordering tab.
    This report uses two run time filters, Manager and Status.
  12. Click Edit.
  13. Click the Manager run time filter.
  14. Select an Operator.
    As an example, choose = to select a single manager, or choose IN to choose multiple managers.
  15. Choose a manager or managers from the Value list box, or in the Available pane, depending on what operator you have selected.

    filtering and ordering tab leave management

  16. Click the Status run time filter.
  17. Select an Operator and Value.
    For example, you might choose IN for the operator, and then choose Approved, Pending, and Denied from the Available pane.
  18. Click Save.
  19. Click Layout to access the report layout, or click Preview to view the report.