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Designating Managers as Notification Addressees

After you've designated a manager as an Org Detail for the Reports To Org Level, you need to configure notification addressees so that when an employee submits a leave request, their manager can receive an email notification.

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To configure notifications

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To configure notifications
  1. Open the Administration menu, and then the Structure > Org Levels tab.
  2. Select Reports To from the Org Level list box.
  3. Click the Notification button.
    The Notification Addressees dialog opens.
  4. Select a manager from the Org Detail list box.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Select Managers from the Notification Group list box.
  7. Select a Manager from the Addressee list box.
    These are the user profiles you linked to employee records when you designated a Manager as a Quadrant user.

    Note! For a manager to be available for selection as an Addressee, they must be set up as a user in Quadrant (see Designating a Manager as a User).

  8. Select the Manager under the Notification Type heading.

    notification addressees dialog

  9. Click Save.

Next, you need to attach managers (Org Details) to positions.