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Prepared Methods for Recruiting

Before you create your first job posting, you need to set up a Prepared Method that you can use to sort the applicants. When creating a job posting, you are required to select a Sort Method. You can set up a Prepared Method that sorts your posting applicants by seniority date, or create a method so that no sort applies to the posting applicants. Posting Applicant Prepared Methods are attached to a job posting on the General tab of the Job Postings window (Configuration Menu). The results of the sort method selected for a job posting appear on the Applicants tab of the Job Posting window.

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To configure a job posting prepared method

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To configure a job posting prepared method
  1. Open the Configuration menu, and then the Prepared Methods window.
  2. Select Posting Applicant Sort Method from the Type list box.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Give the method a readily identifiable name in the Name box.
  5. Select Default from the Modifier list box.
  6. Select a method from the Method list box.
    Several methods are available for use in job posting prepared methods:



Posting App Bank Based Sort

Allows postings to be sorted by seniority by using either the seniority date field detail or a calculation derived from all of the other method details to determine the seniority date for the selected employee types:

Date Seniority Field
Date selections are available from the Employment tab of the Master Profile. Employee types other than the ones specified in the Hours Seniority Types method detail are sorted by this date.

Hours Seniority Types
Select an employee type, for example, full time, part time, casual. When an employee type is selected for this method detail, a seniority date is determined by the calculation below.

Close Date
Selection options include date attributes configured in the Job Posting window (for example, posting start date).

Numeric field. When you enter a value for this method detail it is used in the following calculation - value entered / # of hours per year x 365 (for example, 1/1875x365=.195)

Seniority Bank

Available selections include all Entitlement banks. The number of hours in the bank is then be multiplied by the factor above (for example, .195x900+175.5)

The system will then use the Close Date and subtract 175.5 to determine the seniority start date for the employee type specified.

Posting App Bank Total

Allows you to sort job applicants by any bank total.

Posting App Hire Date

Allows you to sort job applicants by their Hire Date (the start date on the ROS, Master Profile tab). No method details are required.

Posting Applicant No Calc

Applies No Sort method to the applicants. Since you must select a sort method when creating a job posting, use the No Calc method when you don’t want to apply a sort method.

Seniority Hours

Allows you to sort job applicants by an Entitlement Bank with a specified Employee Group. End result will be hours based.

Seniority Hours 2

For regular employees the sort value is extracted from the specified EE status date. The end result will be date based.

For casual employees, a calculation is used to determine Seniority Date.

(Seniority Hrs / Hrs per Yr * 365 = # of Days

Close date of posting - # of Days = Casual Seniority Date.

  1. Click Save.

The Prepared Method can now be used in a job posting. For more information on configuring and using Prepared Methods, refer to the Quadrant Prepared Methods user manual.