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Transferring Ownership of a Leave Request

Transferring ownership of leave requests involves selecting one or more leave requests that you are an approver for, and transferring ownership to another manager. By doing so, you relinquish ownership permanently unless the manager you transferred it to transfers ownership back to you.

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To transfer ownership of a leave request

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To transfer ownership of a leave request
  1. To view only leave requests that you are an approver for, clear the Pending and Cancel Pending check boxes. Only the Include all Records Requiring Approval check box will be selected.
  2. Click Search.
    All of the leave requests that you are the original approval for, or that have been delegated to you appear on the Manage Leave Requests page.
  3. Click a leave request.
  4. Click the Delegate button, and then Transfer Ownership on the shortcut menu that appears.
    The Transfer Ownership of Leave Request dialog opens, unless there are no other managers that you can delegate to in your User Group. In that case, a notification dialog opens, warning you that "There are no other managers in your user group." The In User Group Only check box is selected by default. To delegate a leave request to a manager who is not a member of your user group, clear the check box.
  5. Click the name of a manager who you would like to transfer ownership of the leave request to in the Name pane. To narrow the list of available names, type a letter or name in the Name Filter box.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter a reason or other information related to the transfer in the Comments box (optional), and then click Next.
  8. The Send email notification to delegate and employee check box is selected by default. If you do not want an email notification sent, clear the check box.
  9. Confirm your selections, and then click Finish.