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Adding a Candidate to a Job Posting

After you have created a list of candidates on the Manage Candidates page, you can add a candidate to any job posting. You can only add an applicant to an active job posting.

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To add a candidate to a job posting

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To add a candidate to a job posting
  1. Log on to Quadrant Self Service as a manager.
  2. From the Managers menu, choose Recruiting, and then Manage Applicants. The Manage Applicants page opens.
  3. Select a posting from the Job Posting list box. When you start to type a position name, the auto-complete feature will finish the entry if there is a matching position. You can also click the arrow at the right side of the Job Posting list box and let the system load a complete list of all of the existing postings. In larger organizations, the list could be quite long and take some time to scroll through. You also have the option of clicking the Add Candidate button without selecting a posting and going directly to the Add Candidate to Job Posting page where you can select a job posting.
  4. Click Add Candidate. The Add Candidate to Job Posting page opens.
  5. Type a candidate's name, or partial name in the Candidate Name box. You can also leave the Candidate Name box empty and search for all external or internal candidates, all candidates who created a profile between the specified dates, or all candidates with the specified competencies.
  6. Select the Internal and External check boxes to view all candidates, or narrow your search by selecting just Internal or External.
  7. Select Created Between dates to view profiles or applications created between the specified dates.
  8. Select the Yes check box to view only candidates who have applied for postings, select No to view only those candidates who haven't yet applied for a posting, or select both boxes to view all candidates.
  9. Click Search.