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Managing Candidates

The Manage Candidates page is used to view the profiles of candidates and the postings they have applied for. While applicants are defined as anyone who has applied for a job in Quadrant Self Service (they could be internal or external applicants), candidates are anyone who has created a profile in Quadrant Self Service, whether or not they have applied for a job, and internal employees. As a manager, you can also use the Manage Candidates page to add a candidate to a job posting. If you know the name of a candidate and you want to see the positions they have applied for, it's more efficient to use the Candidates page rather than the Manage Applicants page to view their records.

When an external candidate creates a new profile, the information filters down to Quadrant. To view a candidate's profile in Quadrant, click the drop-down arrow beside the Employees menu, and then select Applicants from the shortcut menu that appears. The External Applicants page contains all of the demographic information and competencies entered by the candidate.

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To view candidates

To search for candidates by competency

To view candidate information

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To view candidates
  1. Log on to Quadrant Self Service.
  2. From the Managers menu, choose Recruiting, and then Manage Candidates.
    The Manage Candidates page opens.
  3. Enter a name or partial name in the Candidate Name box.
  4. Select the Internal and External check boxes to view all candidates, or narrow your search by selecting just Internal or External.
  5. Select Created Between dates to view profiles or applications created between the specified dates. For employees, the search functionality looks for hire dates that fall within the specified date range.
  6. Select the Yes check box under the Applied to Postings heading to view only candidates who have applied for postings, select No to view only those candidates who haven't applied for a posting, or leave both boxes clear to view all candidates.
  7. Click Search.
To search for candidates by competency
  1. Click the Competencies heading to open the Competencies box.
  2. Click the Edit link under the Competencies box.
    The Edit Competency Search Criteria dialog opens.
  3. Select an occupation from the Occupation list box to limit the list of competencies to those specific to the selected occupation.

    select competency search criteria dialog

  4. Select the check box beside the competencies that you want to use as filter criteria.
    Only candidates who have all of the competencies you select here appear in the list of candidates. It’s a good idea to select as few competencies as possible.
  5. Click Save.
    The Select Competency Search Criteria dialog closes.
  6. Leave the Results Per Page box at the default setting of 15 rows, or select a different value to change the number of results that appear on each page.
  7. Click the Search button to view the results.

In the search results, candidates who have already applied for postings have an expand button expand button beside their name. If a candidate has not applied for a position, an expand button does not appear.

To view candidate information
  1. Click the View button beside a candidate's name to see their general profile.
    The Manage Candidate page that opens contains five tabs:

    The Demographics tab contains the candidate's personal information, including name, address, and contact information. Demographics information cannot be edited.

    The Competencies tab lists the candidate's skills and educational competencies. The information on the Competencies tab cannot be edited.

    The Questionnaires tab allows you to open the questionnaires that a candidate filled out when they created a profile and applied for a position. It also allows you to add additional questionnaires to a candidate's profile. For example, if a candidate has admitted that they have been under suspension and you want more details, you can attach a suspension related UDF to their application and have them provide additional information.

    The Earmarks tab allows you to earmark a candidate's application for special consideration. For example, if you have a candidate who failed a certification test, you can add an earmark saying so. If an earmark has been attached to an application, it appears in the Earmark column on the Manage Applicants page for all postings the candidate has applied for. If additional earmarks are added, only the most recent one appears on the Manage Applicants page, however, all earmarks are visible on the Earmarks tab.

    The Attachments tab is used to attach additional documentation to an application. At the candidate profile level, attachments are read only and cannot be added, edited, or deleted.

  2. Click the Expand button expand button at the left side of a candidate's row to view all of the postings they have applied for.

    manage candidates, job posting list

  3. Click the View button in a Job Posting row to open the Manage Application page.
    The Manage Application page allows you to view the applicant's demographic information, competencies, earmarks, and attachments, and review their responses to questionnaires.

    At the Job Posting level, the Manage Application page contains the same five tabs that appear at the Candidate Profile level. However, at the Job Posting level, the Attachments tab allows managers to upload attachments on behalf of a candidate by selecting a file, and then clicking the Upload for Applicant button. If you upload a file for a candidate, only the candidate can delete it.

    upload for applicant

    Note! If a virus is uploaded to Quadrant Self Service via the applicant attachment upload, the following error message appears:
    An error occurred while uploading the file. Please contact the System Administrator if this error persists.
    The error is logged in the Windows event log on the Web server. After the error is cleared, the applicant is able to successfully upload a safe file.

  4. Click the Email Link button on the Manage Application page to send an email with a link to the posting to another Manager or to Human Resources.
  5. Click the Collapse button collapse button to close the list of positions an employee has applied for.