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Creating Job Postings

Job postings can be created either in Quadrant or through the Manage Job Postings menu option. You can create postings from:

Tokens are fields that you can place in your layout to bring in information from your Quadrant database. New tokens are created on the Job Postings window in Quadrant. Before you can use a token in a job posting layout, you must open the Attributes tab on the Job Posting Details page and select values for the Posting Information Attributes that you use as tokens in the posting.

In This Section

To create a job posting in Quadrant Self Service

To use tokens in a job posting

To use text in a job posting

To add attachments to a posting

To add skills to a job posting

To review or edit a job posting

To delete a job posting

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To create a job posting in Quadrant Self Service
  1. Log on to Quadrant Self Service.
  2. From the Managers menu, choose Recruiting, and then Manage Job Postings.
    The Manage Job Postings page opens.
  3. Click New.
    The Job Posting page opens.
  4. Click Select a Position.
    The Position Search dialog opens.
  5. Search for a position to create a posting for.
    Several search options are available:

    Enter a position name or portion of a position name in the Position Description box.

    If you know it, enter a Position Code.

    Select an Employee Group.

    Select an occupation from the Occupation list box. In larger facilities the list could be quite large.

    Note! If a Position Description in Quadrant contains special characters, such as ampersands, it could be truncated in Quadrant Self Service. If you find that descriptions are being cut off, you may need to open the Positions window in Quadrant (Configuration menu), and remove special characters from the position description.

  6. Click the Search button.
    Any positions that match the search criteria appear on the Position Search dialog.

    position search dialog

  7. Click a position, and then click the Select Position button.
    The Description, Competition #, and Date Created boxes are automatically populated on the Job Posting page.
  8. If you want the competition to have a closing date, use the date picker beside the Date Closed box to choose a date and time. You can also set the posting status to automatically change upon closing.
  9. Select a UDF from the Applicant UDF list box (optional).
    Applicant UDFs can be attached to specific job postings to get additional information from applicants. For example, if an applicant is required to take a test to help determine their suitability, a UDF can be used to provide a place for them to schedule a time to take the test. The applicant UDFs are of the Posting Applicant - By Posting UDF type and are configured on the User Defined Folders window in Quadrant.
  10. Select Internal or External from the Applicant list box.
  11. Click Submit.
    The Job Posting Details page opens.
  12. Select a template from the Apply Template list box (optional).
    You have the option of creating a job posting from a template. Job posting templates are created in the Config menu.

    job posting details with template

To use tokens in a job posting
  1. Click on the Attributes tab.
    The attributes that appear are configured on the Job Postings window of the Configuration menu in Quadrant. Some are text boxes while others are list boxes that allow you to make a selection from a list of choices.
  2. Click in the Attribute boxes that you want to use as tokens in the job posting. Type entries that you want to appear on the layout in text boxes, and select values from list boxes. Tokens can be used to add specifics to different postings for the same position. For example, you create two postings for the same position but each is for a different shift or facility. The text and layout remains the same for both postings, but the details, for example shift, facility, start date, and so on are different. Some attribute boxes are straight text boxes while others are drop-down list boxes. If you do not assign a value to an attribute, but then use the corresponding token on the layout, no value will appear.

    attributes tab, job posting window

  3. When you've finished selecting values on the Attributes tab, click the Job Posting tab.
  4. Place your cursor in the white space of the layout pane.
  5. Click the arrow beside the Tokens list box.
    A shortcut menu appears.
  6. Select a token, and then click Insert.
    A field appears on the layout.

    job posting details page, using tokens

  7. Click the Preview button to see if data is appearing where you placed tokens on the layout. If pieces of information are missing, click the Attributes tab and add values for the missing tokens.
  8. Click Edit to open the layout pane again.
  9. Click Save to save the posting.
To use text in a job posting
  1. Place your cursor anywhere in the white space of the document window and start typing.
    You'll have to click Edit first if you're re-opening a previously saved posting.
  2. Format the text using the toolbar options.
    The formatting options available are similar to those found in Word.
  3. Click the Image Manager button image manager button to place an image in the posting.
  4. Click the Insert Symbol button insert symbol button to select and place a symbol such as a copyright mark or fraction in the posting.
  5. Click the Insert Form Element button insert form element button to place buttons, text boxes, and forms in the layout.
To add attachments to a posting
  1. Click the Attachments tab.
  2. Click the Select button.
    A Choose File dialog opens.
  3. Browse to a file that you would like to upload, and then click Open.
  4. Click Upload File.

    job posting attachment tab

    The attached document appears at the bottom of the tab.

  5. Click Delete to remove the attachment, or click Select to add another.
To add skills to a job posting

Skills are a very important part of a job posting. There are three types of skills in Quadrant Self Service - Skills, Soft Skills, and Education. Skills can be attached to a job posting to ensure that only applicants with the appropriate skill sets can proceed through the application process. Weighting is an important feature of a skill and is used in a calculation to rate applicants against a position's skill requirements.

  1. Click the Prerequisites tab.
  2. Click the Add link near the bottom of the page.
    The Requirements/Skills dialog opens.
  3. Make a selection from the Skill Type list box.
    The choices are Skills, Soft Skills, and Education.
  4. Select a skill from the Skills list box.
    Skills are competencies and are configured on the Competencies tab of the Configuration menu in Quadrant.
  5. Leave the Required check box at the default setting or clear.
    The Required check box is used to calculate a Deficiency Rating which tracks the number of requirements in which an applicant is deficient. If an applicant fails to match a competency that is flagged as required, a deficiency is recorded (numerical). This value is used to help determine the suitability of applicants. When flagging an item as required, remember that an applicant failing to match the required item is then assigned a deficiency. When selected, the competency is required. Applicants who do not have the required competency will be filtered out of the selection process.
  6. Leave the value in the Weight box at the default setting or change if required.
    Weighting is used to quantify an applicant’s suitability for the posting. The value entered in this field contributes to the following calculation:

    (sum of applicants weighting/total weighting) x 100

    For example: a posting has 4 weighted requirements, each with a value of 10. An applicant has 3 of the 4 requirements. The applicant's suitability is calculated as 30/40 x 100 = 75 out of a possible 100.

  7. Type a comment in the Comments box (optional).
  8. Select an operator and criteria for the skill, if required.
    Not all skills require you to select an operator and criteria. Where required, the operator you select allows you to fine tune your selection and the criteria available for selection will depend on the operator. For example, if you select Industrial First Aid as a skill, the operator and criteria fields could be used to select a level.
  9. Click Save.

    qhrnet prerequisites dialog

To review or edit a job posting
  1. Log on to Quadrant Self Service using your Manager user name and password.
  2. From the Managers menu, choose Recruiting, and then Manage Job Postings.
  3. Select a User Group. Only the User Groups that you are associated with are available in the User Group list box. When you select a User Group and search for a posting, only those that the selected User Group provides security access to are available for viewing.

    If there are a lot of job postings, you can use the filter options at the left side of the page to limit the number of postings:

    Enter a position name or partial name in the Search by Description list box. Quadrant Self Service will auto-complete the description if there is a matching posting in the system.

    If you know the competition number of a posting, enter it in the Search by Competition # box.

    Click the status check boxes to narrow your results to show, for example, only active postings.

    Leave the Internal and External Posting Type check boxes at their default settings, or clear one to view only internal or external postings.

    Select a date for the Created After date box if you want to view only postings created after the selected date.

    Select a date for the Created Before date box if you want to view only the posting that were created before the selected date.

  4. Click the Search button at the bottom of the page. Any job postings that match your search criteria will appear in the list.
  5. Click the check box beside a posting, and then click the Template button to apply a template (optional). Clicking the Template button opens the Templates dialog. All of the existing job posting templates are available for selection from the drop down list. You can select multiple job postings to apply a template to.

    qhrnet manage job postings

  6. Click a posting, and then click Edit. The Job Posting page opens.
  7. Click the Job Posting, Attributes, Attachments, or Prerequisites tabs to edit the posting, add or remove competencies, attachments, or attributes, or remove the posting completely.
To delete a job posting

Active job postings cannot be deleted. You also cannot delete a posting after someone has applied for it, even if you change the status of the posting to Inactive.

  1. Click a posting on the Manage Job Postings page.
  2. Click Edit.
    The Job Posting page opens.
  3. Select Inactive from the Status list box.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the job posting on the Manage Job Postings page.
    If the posting is inactive, and there are no applicants, the Delete button will be active.
  6. Click the Delete button to remove the job posting.